Sylvia Rountree, the dolls cobbler now makes barbie shoes

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Artist Information

I'm Sylvia Rountree, The Dolls' Cobbler and I've been making shoes for dolls and dollhouses since 1970.  I passed the 100,000 pairs mark several years ago.  I've been an IGMA fellow since 1981 and a member of NAME's  Academy of Honor since 1986.  My shoes are in collections and museums all over the world.

All of my shoes are made of very thin sheepskin with no plastic, resin, metal or wood used in the construction.  In the case of fabric shoes, the material is glued to the leather before the shoes are made.

For the 11" fashion doll I offer 14 different styles, all of which are trimmed or finished for special effects.  I color all of my leather so I can match any outfit exactly.  I can also copy famous designer shoes if you send me a picture. 

If you have any questions after browsing our website please fell free to call me at 410-641-8410 between 9am and 5 pm eastern time daily.  I think I'm an old dog that's not good at learning new tricks and I'd rather speak to you personally than trying to write answers to questions.  However, I am confident that I can make beautiful shoes for your special dolls.